Pokemon Go apk game Free Download Latest Version

Pokemon Go apk game

Pokemon Go apk game Free Download Latest Version Pokémon Go, the world’s previously increased reality application to turn into a commonly recognized name. Niantic’s portable AR game is as yet going strong two years after it originally, released with a steady dribble of occasions and updates continuing maturing trainers stuck to their telephones and beating the lanes. The fundamentals of Pokemon Go are basic and fun. You walk, you get Pokemon, you gather the greatest number of as you can and you visit Poke Stops to stack your rucksack up with treats to help your Trainer on the route.


And keeping in mind that it hasn’t figured out the top of its popularity in 2016, Pokemon Go in some of the chose countries, and the promotion isn’t finished at this point. The expanded reality game has been trending on the web this whole month and has in excess of 35 million dynamic clients right now.

The game has been launched in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the vast majority of Europe just as Japan and a huge number of players are meandering around attempting to discover Pokemon and catch them.
It’s as yet going strong and discovering Pokemon Go apk game a lot of better approaches to improve its player experience.

So what’s the most recent news for Pokémon Go? As you’d expect, new features and highlights are being included constantly and network occasions are as yet going strong. In addition, we have another mid-year of Pokémon Go Fest occasions to look forward to.

Pokémon Go news and Pokémon Go recent updates

What’s going on? Pokémon Go is celebrating its third anniversary.

Three is the mind raping number in the Pokémon universe and Niantic is celebrating Pokémon Go’s third anniversary with some new features, highlights, and events.

New Features

From June 28 glossy & shiny Allan Pokémon will show up in the game. Players will get the opportunity to experience and catch Rattata, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Diglett, Meowth, Geodude, Grimer, Exeggutor in their Alan frames. There will likewise be things highlighting the styles of the three-team leaders available in the in-game Style Shop with which players can modify their own symbols.

You without a doubt have a great deal of copy Pokemon now and don’t know how to manage them. When the Pokemon exchanging alternative comes to Pokemon Go, this will be a subject of less stress. You would probablyPokemon Go apk game exchange your copy Pokemon with your companions consequently of a Pokemon you don’t have.

Pokemon Go apk game Download Latest Version

Niantic has just referenced that exchanging has dependably been a ‘center component’ of the Pokemon game establishment, and we would like to see this element included an upcoming update. This element may most likely assistance players get some area explicit Pokemon without wandering outside of their present areas to an extreme.

Pokemon Go has the alternative of doing battling friends Pokemon at exercise centers in inviting and aggressive battles. What about including the great Pokemon idea of doing battling friends being added to Pokemon Go?

Despite the fact that not quickly, this element will without a doubt be added to Pokemon Go later on. In the meantime, you’ll need to go to the gym and take part in an inviting fight with a Pokemon there.

Limited-Time Events

From June 28 until July 6, players could experience a Pikachu wearing a gathering cap while taking an in-game depiction. Pichu wearing gathering Pokemon Go apk game caps will be available to hatch from 7km eggs, as well.

For a marginally longer term, from June 28 until September 2, players will most likely exploit the way that exchanging Pokémon will cost 1/4 less Stardust and quicker takedowns with regards to Raid Bosses. At long last, for this period players of level 10 or more will see “Kick off Research” errands, the prizes for which will permit slipped by, or companions of passed, players get once again into the game and keep playing on a progressively level field.

When’s the next Pokémon Go events?

There are more Pokémon Go Fest social affairs occurring the world over this mid-year. While these social occasions happen in explicit urban areas, regardless of whether you can’t make it merits looking out for the manners in which you can take an interest from a separation.

July 4 – 7: Dortmund, Westfalen Park

August 5 – 12: Yokohama

Worldwide Challenge

Close by Pokémon Go Fest Professor Willow has set a few difficulties on a worldwide scale this mid-year for every one of the group chiefs – Spark, Blanche and Candela – and their devotees with the goal that everybody can partake regardless of where they are. At the point when a group effectively finishes their undertaking, they’ll get exceptional prizes.

Flash’s test period in tandem with Chicago’s event has effectively occurred.

Next up is Candela’s XP challenge during the Dortmund Fest from July 4 to July 7. The test for each group is still to finish 15 million research undertakings all around yet this time Team Instinct will open 1-hour Lucky Eggs, Team Valor will get triple Hatch XP and Team Mystic will be blessed to receive twofold Raid XP on culmination. Any opened reward will at that point keep running until July 16. On the off chance that all rewards are opened, at that point, Entei will be available in raids on July 14.

The last challenge is for Blanche, spinning around Stardust. This challenge connects to the Fest in Yokohama and keeps running from August 5 to August 12. This time around players must finish 25 million research errands all-inclusive (there’s somewhat more time, all things considered). On effective fruition, Team Instinct will 3000 Stardust for every Raid, Team Valor will get triple Hatch Stardust and Team Mystic will open 1-hour Star Pieces. Any opened reward will at that point keep running from August 13 until August 20. Open the majority of the rewards? At that point, you can anticipate Suicune Raids on August 13.

When’s the next Pokémon Go Community Day?

What date is the next Community Day? July 21

Who’s the featuring Pokémon? Mudkip

Presently that Slakoth has had its day, the next Pokémon Go Community Day happens on July 21. The highlighted Pokémon for the events has been affirmed as Mudkip. While the elite move for the events is still to be affirmed, rewards for the day will be 3x get XP and 3-hour laurels.

Pokémon Go update: what’s next?

Niantic hasn’t uncovered any more designs for what’s coming next in Pokémon Go as far as the 10,000-foot view however there are in every case new animals and new events occurring in the game. Huge reveals can happen whenever, however, and we’ll report them right here if and when any announcement happens.

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