The Description Of Geometry Dash Apk


Geometry Dash Apk is an arcade game which is released in 2013 it gave you a good platform for the arcade game you can have a lot of fun with this you can have fun with family or friends too About Geometry Dash:- The developer of this wonderful game is Robert Topala the founder of RRob top games this has the best ability that it can be supported by the android device as well as the PC it is the best arcade game played by people all over the world in total the game support the 38 levels but if the full version without 21 level can be played All the level contain there own specific music.


More About Geometry Dash Apk


The gameplay Geometry Dash Apk is simply very easy it can be played by anyone in this world no matter about the age you just have to click the touch screen and have fun over here it can have a great experience of the joy and lovely atmosphere this is the game which gives you the mental satisfaction and variety of levels and music this is the game which is designed just for the joy and if you are looking for the game with full of joy then ddon’twait download this game and fun with this game You can have control on your mental satisfaction by this game this is most favorable game which can help you to have fun and enjoy your life with your desire and have fun at any time Most of the character settings,You can change the cube or the effect of death are customizable in order to change the shape choose the 4th button of the cube in the main menu you will have different shapes of your characteristics Here you can customize the icon.